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Nexgen GPS ติดตามรถ

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We are officially certified by 2 government offices in Thailand e.g. NBTC and Department of Land Transport (DLT)

About us

Nexgen Mobile Limited was established in 2002 by our founder who has experiences in telecommunication business and took a role of chief executive as well as business developer in well-known international organization.

Nexgen Mobile Limited is certified by the Department of Land Transport (DLT) to servicing and installing our GPS hardware to all regulated vehicles by DLT, our DLT certificate no. is 098/2559 and 136/2559. Therefore our service is trusted and popular by trucking and public bus enterprise.

Highlight Feature: Cross Border GPS Tracking

Track your truck fleet real time in any country within AEC transportation network

Maintain historical record in report format even your truck move across any border within AEC

Monitor your fleet in anytime anywhere with one fully integrated system

Critical events alert by SMS/Email e.g. Unauthorized Route, Idling

GPS hardware connected with driving license
reader compliance with DLT standard

DLT Certified GPS

Department of Land Transport (DLT) has regulated all trucks number of wheels more than 10 and all public buses to install GPS tracking unit which officially certified by DLT before do registration/tax renewal at all DLT offices effective since 25 January 2016 onward. Nexgen Mobile Limited is certified by DLT to servicing and installing our GPS hardware to all regulated vehicles, our DLT certificate no. is 098/2559 and 136/2559.

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Fresh fruit exporter, become our customer since 2009
“Thanks to Skytrack Global which we have adopted for many years we have been able to effectively manage inventory of our perishable goods i.e. fresh fruit from our farms to be able exported oversea by monitoring and controlling GENSET in all our trailer trucks easily”
Transport service provider, become our customer since 2010
“Deploying the Skytrack Global solution to our truck fleet, it makes our company more cost effectiveness and improved our driver safety and thanks to rugged design of GPS device makes us stay connected with our drivers all the time without interruption.
Feed mill & Animal health product distributor, become our customer since 2011
“Our salesforce is large and difficult to manage by the old ways. After we have deployed this Skytrack Global solution to install GPS units to our corporate sales cars the result seems satisfied to us – the revenue growth, cost down, sales management easier. Thank you very much to give us very good solution we are looking for many years.


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Tel: 02 6321151

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Hotline: 086 3353829

LINE ID: nexgendltgps


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