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Nexgen GPS ติดตามรถ

Fleet Management

Support all devices over the web e.g. PC Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet PC – 100% web-based, no complicated software required to install, flexible, ease-of-use, simultaneous access via multiple devices.

Google Map – Easy to use, user friendly, global standard with built-in Street View feature.

Alert system for critical events via SMS or Email generated and sent right after event occurs such as speeding over limit, too long idling, unauthorized fuel cap open, out-of-range cargo temperature, vehicle out-of-authorized zone.

Graph displayed for essential data such
as fuel level, vehicle speed,
engine status, cargo room temperature

Detailed distance report (Daily) for every vehicle trips and event reports such as
speeding report, long idling report - Historical data stored in the system up to 1 year.

POI (Point-of-interest) creation for coding the POI name in any report and recording arrival time at particular POI.

Mileage record feature in order for preventive maintenance.


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Hotline: 086 3353829

LINE ID: nexgendltgps


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