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Nexgen GPS ติดตามรถ

Solutions for all business types

  • Delivery truck (all sizes from pickup truck to trailer)
  • Delivery truck with cargo temperature control (Food Service business)
  • Cross border truck
  • Bus – Public or Tour
  • Rental car (Short-term/Corporate Fleet)
  • Crane truck/Construction or heavy machine
  • Ambulance
  • Hazardous material truck
  • Personal/Salesman tracking
  • Motorcycle

Benefits of GPS Tracking System

  • Monitor real-time vehicle position and status – track and prevent a detour, punctuality
  • Maintain record of vehicle movement for route planning - lower operation cost
  • Control speeding – less accident and loss
  • Control long idling – lower unnecessary cost
  • Control vehicle use outside assigned area or working hour
  • Monitor fuel level of vehicle – prevent fraud
  • Monitor cargo temperature – quality assurance and prevent loss

Example Solutions

For car rental business

For tour bus business

For cross border transport business


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LINE ID: nexgendltgps


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